Adapt, adjust and thrive in a changing recruitment market


SourceBreaker’s AI-matching technology allows your business to find the best talent first, across your CRM, CV-Databases and LinkedIn. Candidates are then matched to job leads giving you multiple opportunities to make placements, whilst automated alerts notify you the second new talent and job leads hit the market. 


Enable your recruiters to differentiate themselves in the market by giving them access to up-to-the-minute news, salary information and funding data via the newly launched Intel Centre.


SourceBreaker increases revenue-per-recruiter and frees your team to engage candidates and clients, keeping you ahead.

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“SourceBreaker came along and offered us something that was completely unique in the market, something that we’d not seen before. It was a technology platform that would allow us to get consultants up and performing quicker, easier and giving us a competitive advantage in the marketplace.” 

Ben Broughton, MD - Premier Group


Helping your recruiters continue to drive revenue and increase efficiency





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Uncover hidden candidates

Build powerful semantic searches in seconds and find top-quality candidates you are currently missing across your CRM, CV, Databases and LinkedIn. 

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Multiple opportunities to place every candidate 

Improve your candidate to job ratio by matching candidates to live employer job leads, sourced directly from their careers pages. 

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Never miss an opportunity 

Work fast and smarter with instant notifications, directly within your feed the second new candidates and leads become active.

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Differentiate your agency 

Power your conversations with up-to-the-minute news, salary, and funding data. This improves the quality of every call and provides further revenue-generating opportunities. 


How Premier group used SourceBreaker’s fully enabled cloud solution to move their recruiters remote working, without any interruption.

Founded in 2000, Premier Group - an IT, Engineering and Digital recruitment firm - use SourceBreaker to boost their success in being the first to source candidates and clients across their UK and US offices.


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“The ROI with SourceBreaker has been amazing. In our first year of using the platform, we had over 30x ROI from the initial investment. Additionally, over the last quarter, we can attribute the success of over 25% of our placements.”


Ben Broughton

Premier Group

Ben Broughton Premier Group