Connect SourceBreaker and JobAdder to make more placements from your CRM


Getting recruiters to do important, but tedious admin tasks in your CRM can be hard work. SourceBreaker’s integration with JobAdder makes it easy.  

SourceBreaker and JobAdder means recruiters, spend less time on admin, ensures clean reportable data, increases candidate pools and enables you to scale your business development.

Learn more below and get in touch with the team today to get started with our powerful integration.


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Learn more about how SourceBreaker can give recruiters more time to engage with candidates and clients and get more from your CRM.

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Add job leads found in SourceBreaker into JobAdder

Once a job has been identified within SourceBreaker - JobAdder users can instantly add the lead to their CRM, creating a full job record - with work type, job title, job description, and the original source - and finally creating a new company if one doesn’t already exist.


Find more candidates across CV databases and LinkedIn

SourceBreaker enables recruiters to increase their relevant candidate pools by 100-200% through the use of our AI-powered ontology. 

Type in the job title or keyword you are looking for and SourceBreaker will build a powerful search in seconds, agnostically searching across all of your candidate sources. Giving an unbeatable speed of delivery. 


Add candidates to your CRM fully coded

Once the perfect candidate has been sourced - With one click a record is created, fully coded with contact details, work type, job title, company, CV, and source.

Ensuring clean, quality data and no candidate missed.


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“The ROI with SourceBreaker has been amazing. In our first year of using the platform, we had over 30x ROI.

Additionally, over the last quarter, we can attribute the success of over 25% of our placements.”


Ben Broughton

Premier Group

Ben Broughton Premier Group